The Debate Academy Programme

Get set for 12 weeks of fun, inclusive and ultra-competitive debating. You can tailor our programme to fit around your school day, but with morning, afternoon and afterschool sessions, it’s designed so every student and teacher can get involved.

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PPA Duels

Work a lively debate into your teachers’ PPA time, where they can observe 3-hour morning or 2-hour afternoon encounters.

Afterschool Battles

Give your afterschool club an edge with our most popular programme. One-hour quickfire debates that make every child think on their feet.

Lunchtime Throwdowns

Turn lunchtimes into a frenzy of intellectual debate with our midday programmes that encourage children to argue while they eat.

Interschool Tournament

Get your children to put their game faces on as they lock horns with other schools in a quest to win the end-of term Debate Academy Cup.

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Contact us today to find out more information about each of our programmes and which one could benefit you. We have a selection of sessions designed to get each and every student and teacher involved. What are you waiting for?

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